Tapes To Go #005

Great happiness visited Quixotical Records! And we decided to share 4:35 min of happiness with everybody around…!
The culprits of this are duo from Mexico -H- (Oswaldo a Pichardo and Karla García). During these gruesome and great sadness times, they blew in some positive vibes to remind everyone that happiness has not disappeared anywhere.
They produced a track ” Happy Song” which has everything inside that really will make you happy: sexy vocal timbre, percussive vibe, vocoder, violin part, a little bit taste of 90’s lead synth, solid bass. In other words, an unexpected but perfect cocktail mixed with the best ingredients you can find.
And the cherry on the cake – we are giving it for free! We could not be happier than making you happy!
Limited download, so don’t miss it! Check the links below and grab it while happiness is still here.

H_Happy Song


And here he comes! A man from paradise but with a dark feeling. A man who proves that there is no need to be afraid of dark..disco..that in every dark is a blossoming beauty inside! yes yes, it’s him, we proudly present the number #010 in our Quixotical podcast series – Tevātea! He brings to us a mix that is permeated with beautiful dark groovy sounds and a deep atmosphere that will ferry you to the world of endless disco, to the world where real paradise exists.
Together with a mix comes a very interesting interview! Check it out and learn about Tevātea’s first steps into the dark disco scene, his influences, living in paradise, and much much more!

TEVATEA Quixotical
Official Release QXR001


Quixotical Records brings out to the light amazing release by “a dinosaur playing music for love since 1992”Celestino “Relentless Machine” EP.
Including amazing remixes by BADWOLF, DIAZ TECH and LUCARE.

Celestino EP


We have a very special guest this time in Quixotical Mix series. The true veteran of spinning records, Master of Djcraft and a top notch experimenter in dark disco – Mr. 𝑮𝑩𝑫𝑻!
He prepared a proper more than hour and a half mix full of deep growing feeling and different vibes that becomes one emotion with an amazing tracks list. We are very happy too that he found some time and answered some questions about his journey in the music world.



Dj/Producer from Buenos Aires – Marzian ( @marzianmusic) is joining Quixotical Mix series with Nr.008 podcast. He has recorded a beautiful dark disco-type mix full of deep and smooth vibes with a dusky atmosphere. Turn up the volume and take a listen. Don’t forget to check the short interview as well. Find out how Marzian project was born, his influences, and future plans.



The year 2020 we are finishing with a gorgeous present from kidnapper Iain Mac – “Stockholm Syndrome Au”. If you haven’t fallen in love with this guy yet, after listening the mix he prepared for Quixotical Records the situation will change!
“Stockholm Syndrome Au” music taste does not leave indifferent! So please prepare to be kidnapped and enjoy the one-hour musical story!

Stockholm Syndrome_Quixotical mix

Tapes To Go #004

4th track for “Tapes To Go” series brings The Queen of the Underworld – “Perséfone” to our sweet Quixotical home. And the culprit of this occasion is a producer from Mexico City – Umvral. Amazing track produced by Umvral is a top-notch banger without doubts. From the beginning of the track, you can already feel that something incredible is coming up. A strict synthesizer and sharp percussion lead you straight to the point. With a guitar and strings in the background, this track quickly introduces the main lead melody that is simple but an absolutely “not wearing out” hook. The mystical but intense atmosphere is maintained throughout the whole track.
Download it for free and invite Greek goddess to your party!

Tapes to go #004


Live electronic band Sunmantra is hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. They join our Quixotical Mix Series with freshly recorded podcast #006.
The podcast they prepared for us is full of emotions and dark vibrations. A beautiful mix of the electro, techno and indie-dance influences. It will find a place in everyone’s dark-disco playlist, for sure.

Official Release QXT001

Quixotical Compilation Vol.13%

“QXT001” compilation is the first official release of Quixotical Records. Various Artists album with 17 artists, 9 countries, 13 tracks. It is going to be a great surprise to everyone who is into indie-dance, dark disco, and electronic
music. Tracks from Alvee, Javier Martinez, Andreas Rund, Aurum Miles, Poulper, Colossio, Csk, Della, Diego Montiel, Fabio Me Llaman Soltero, Mike Rowave, Globemaster, Ludviq, Fausto, MAN2.0, Montcosmik, Mverto Futura.

Quixotical V.A Compilation


The 5th podcast for Quixotical Mix series belongs to Ludviq. Dark dance music dj/producer and boss of the Bonkers label prepared a deep and very exciting mix with a dark, dense and viscous tracks for the one hour journey to the psychedelic world. Emotions and strong feelings will follow you during the time of this journey. Turn on the mix, and forget everything around. It is time to experience the dark!



“It’s getting dark, too dark to see…” BUT not too dark to DANCE! Music taste of Diskontrol and his freshly recorded mix perfectly fits into Quixotical Mix series with percussive dark disco flavor and mystic vibes that make bodies aching from pleasure. Co-founder of the Maleante Records, baked a strong mix and pampers our ears with all the music gems included in this set.

Free Download


Renuna visits Quixotical Records again, and this time they bring an unexpected present – the Edit of Victoria Mil track “Bien Equivocado”.
It is a perfectly matched edit for dancefloors. Playful bass and an easy-going rhythm section with short term synth parts amazingly do the job in conjunction with the original vocals of the track. Renuna keeps the beauty of the original track but adds a breath of fresh air into the groove, transforming this track into “ready for 2020”.

Quixotical Renuna edit
Free Download

Tapes to go #003

3rd track “EMERSON 116” for “Tapes to Go” series is coming from two amigos of Maleante Records – Globemaster and Corresponsal. “EMERSON 116” is a penthouse in Mexico City where these guys spend a few days while playing gigs all around the city and having moments with their old friends. Flashbacks of a great time inspired Globemaster and Corresponsal to recreate amazing memories into musical form.

The beginning of the track is taut but secured. Rising slowly with a straight beat part, heart-type pumping bass, and main synth theme colored with subtle and intangible fxs. Latin dance percussions come at the peak and continue till the end impacting the vibe in a very positive way. The whole groove and emotion of the track definitely will transfer you to “EMERSON 116” penthouse to feel the moment that lasts till now.

Tapes to go #003


Greetings from Mexico!! – shouts out loud Juan Harrison, better known as TKUZ. Songwriter, drummer, artist, LOVER…and this is only several epithets about this rocking-soul person. His music production speaks for itself and this time we want you to listen to his MIX for Quixotical and find out much more than just several epithets about him. Because there are things, that you can’t describe words. And these things you will feel and understand only by listening to this great composition set, with 13 tracks by him…yes! all the tracks produced by him! It means, in the next hour you will enter his inside world and learn things you have never known about.

Tkuz_quixotical mix
Free Download

Free edits #002

The Admiral of Quixotical RecordsPoulper is back with a bang! Free gift from Poulper and Peces Raros – wonderful and darker edit of “No Van A Parar”. With the kept main motive of the original track but surrounded with thick, a punchy, and strong groove, this edit jumps into the “must play on the dancefloor” tracks list. A subtle and precious remake with highlighted dark emotion, gives a second life for this track, without a doubt.

Peces raros_poulper
Free Download

Tapes to go #002

Sexy kick, charming bass, and erotic synths…it means only one thing – “A Lo Simple”: a gift by  Favio Inker, a track created specially for Quixotical “Tapes To Go” series and ready to be downloaded for free and loved by you!

Favio Inker


To Disco Heaven and back in 60 minutes! This kind of trip has been prepared by The Robot Scientists – a duo who run label Emerald and Doreen Recordings and always surprises with their cosmic and energetic podcasts that transfers you to parallel universe of disco, lights, movements, and ecstasy. Don’t miss the chance to travel there with a freshly recorded mix for the Quixotical Mix series by the ONLY and TRUE Robot Scientists!
At this special time, a small but very open interview is included! They talk about the past, present, and future. You can find here some tips for young artists as well!

oooh and one more thing..Daft Punk???!!! What about them? Check the INTERVIEW!!!

The Robot Scientists
Free Download


The first super track for Free Edits sessions is baked and ready to get stuck in your heads. This refreshed masterpiece edit is made by two talented guys that formed a duo called Warnes. They have chosen a powerful song from well-known rock band Babasónicos, and perfectly adapted it for the dance floors.

Warnes Edit
Free Download

Tapes to go #001

First track of “Tapes To Go” session is here.  Co-Founder of Quixotical Records – Poulper and Logia Records Crew – Renuna and Cu da Curuxa is giving away their collaboration for free download!

Tapes to go #001
First mix is out!

Quixotical Mix #001

Aurum Miles is opening the official releases of Quixotical with this vocalish and dark mix.

Quixotical Mix #1 Aurum Miles


Aurum Miles

Aurum Miles




Argentina/Buenos Aires



Argentina/Buenos Aires


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