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Premiere: Aurum Miles – I Don’t Think So (Original Mix)[DowntempoLove]

Premiere: Aurum Miles - I Don't Think So (Original Mix)[DowntempoLove]

Out: December 4, 2020
Aurum MIles_Premiere

“Z-Nation” EP

This release is a concept EP about the last generation of the 20th century – Generation Z. All the generations have their pros and cons, but this time I decided to choose a few cons of the Generation Z and take a look at them through the stereotyped point of view and shift it to the musical form.
All 4 tracks of the EP is like a reflections of the most common stereotyped cons of Generation Z.

Track called “Fake Ego” is eclectic and a little bit harsh to listen at first time. It is dark and full of dirty various synths sounds that embody the FAKE EGO that is in the most of the people of Generation Z. All the technological affair and virtual social life of our civilization forces people to represent themselves in the fake mode. Everybody wants to copy each other and show themselves as a better human beings than they really are. Instead of trying to be a better version of itself, Generation Z creates fake pictures of the reality and life. Thus, track “Fake Ego” reflects the shallow and superficial point of view of Generation Z.

“Brainless heads” is a result of Fake Ego. Head without brain is one more reflection of the common stereotyped con of Generation Z. Dehumanized vocal loops in the track perfectly represent the picture of the empty heads. It is common situation when earlier generations call the younger ones – brainless. And it does happen with every new generation, tho. Anyway, there are and will always be a big part of people in every generation with real empty heads.

“I don’t think so” is the most commonly heard phrase from Generation Z. Fake Ego causes them to think they are in the centre of the world and have knowledge about everything. To every argument that is different from their opinion they use this phrase “I don’t think so” and it does not matter do they think or not. It is all about the arrogance that Generation Z radiates and deep fear of appearing to be stupid.

The last but not the least track called “Generation Z” sums up all the rest three tracks I described above. This track is funny absurd parody that reflects all the stereotypes of Generation Z. Lyric in the track are remake of the old Lithuanian counting game-poem for kids. It is an allegory to the lack of real-life experience and young age.

Artist: Aurum Miles

Label: DowntempoLove (Berlin)
Release: “Z-Nation” Ep
Date: December 4
Artwork: Fantástico Atelier Cabracol Studios