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Quixotical Mix #020 by Nickelson

Mr.Nickelson broke into Quixotical’s house and left some fruit, a mixtape, and a note “Now, I belong to the Quixotical family!” on the table. Well, we can’t disagree! Especially after listening to this brilliant mixtape that was baked specially for the Quixotical Mix series.

To get to know more about our new family member we asked him to answer a few interview questions. So, folks, tune in the mix, and please welcome Mr.Nickelson!

1. When did you first start making music? What was it? Who pushed towards it? Maybe it was a specific artist or a band? Perhaps it was neither…

Tell us your “Nickelson Begins” story!

-> The Nickelson project started around 2018 as a live performance. I would drag some boxes out of the studio to do some shows around Louisville KY with the help of some very talented friends, playing other instruments and providing visuals. Recently I’ve been trying to capture that energy as studio productions.

2. What’s hiding behind the cowl? What I mean by that is, are you fully devoted to this genre that you’re developing or maybe you are a hardcore fan of heavy metal, classical music, ambient phenomenon? Or maybe the answer is as simple as – I am what you hear?.

-> I think the music I make is pretty esoteric, and I’m sure that’s because of all the different artistic and natural world influences. The things that I’m drawn to seem to consistantly be left-feild or a little bit fucked up.

3. Is music more or less your hobby or do you consider it to be an integral part of your life, that you even consolidate your future with it?

-> Music is an essential outlet for me, for better or worse, I feel a need to create it. Of course, I am tempted to daydream of big success but ultimately I’m enjoying being way out on the fringes where I’m not worried too much about staying ‘relevant’.

4. Final question, in your opinion, in the near future, will we see a music revolution, an overtaking of genres, like we did back in the day? Because we had such a great change of styles and introductions of various movements over the years, that defined the whole decades and still has followers till this day. Popular music recovered it’s throne, and it’s holding to it pretty strong. How long do you think it will last?

-> I think there’s always innovation in pop music and it’s generally a safe introduction to a wider world of art if you want it. I’d love to see the development of a new underground movement that completely and holistically rejects the technocratic commercial club scene. I think it exists, in its infancy, but still relies on the mechanisms of its monstrous sibling!

Interview by Vidas Stanynas