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Quixotical Mix #022 by RUKSBY

A man from Moscow is here! Ruksby kicks the Quixotical house doors and brings on an energetic and full of dark disco vibes mix. A truly perfect composition for a Friday night party. Please welcome our new family member – Mr. Ruksby!

To get to know more about our new family member we asked him to answer a few interview questions. 

1. Your music can be described as “brave and bold”. You choose to mix different styles, which is a bit risky and not to mention, it’s not that popular. People are afraid to take these kind of risks with their music, because of the public perception. It’s getting out there, but not as fast and efficient as it could or should. What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you see this as an opportunity to make something unheard something prodigious or maybe you just take a dive and see what happens?

->I would not call my music bold, although it certainly has it. Many have noticed that I don’t get hung up on one style, I’m not afraid to be “unpopular” and the risks don’t concern me because I do it for my own pleasure, for example, the acid 303 groove is often found in my tracks, I like to add it when it’s in the right place! People should not be afraid of public opinion, each track has its own listener, the main thing is to do it with soul!
And usually, the process of writing music is just flowing along the waves of your mood, hence such a variety of styles! Therefore, do not be afraid, but do what you like!

2. Have you ever had any thoughts about sticking to one genre? Ten years from now, do you think you’ll still be merging all sorts of elements into your songs? Or is it more of a time frame thing? We all know that one rule, the one who sticks out is either left for the mercy of it’s harsh environment or it perseveres, becoming something more than anyone could have ever imagined. What I’m asking is, do you think adapting is an obligation, privilege, or necessity?

-> Of course there are such ideas! There were even thoughts of creating other side projects, but I decided to stay in one, why come up with a bunch of names if there is still 1 person behind it.
It’s hard to say what will happen in 10 years, I have so many unfinished demos in different styles, I think so, and will continue to do something new. Perhaps the search for “my” style will someday end and I will consistently do something the same, but at the moment there is no such traction!

3. Getting to more simple questions. What is your first owned music record? It might even be a first song that you listened to and it made some sort of impact.
Big or small, perhaps there’s an interesting tale that needs to be told?

-> The first record I heard was the music of my parents, some old Soviet records, now I can say that it was something disco, new wave, synthpop. This music really hooked and made me move, then I already heard the group “the prodigy” on cassettes, collections of happy hardcore, trance, and I also perfectly remember the cassettes “the offspring” which also gave a lot of pleasure. And in general, throughout my life, I have listened to quite a few styles, CDs, cassettes … At each stage of life, you need your own music and your own groove, which is perfect at the right time! I hope my music will also help someone and will be needed here and now until they hear it to the holes and move on.

4. Concluding our interview, I wanted to ask you a few peculiar questions. Do you think that electronic music has a dissing culture? Rappers do that all the time, to show whose the bigger dog in the house. We all know that musicians talk about other artists, sometimes to criticize them and sometimes to praise them.
Outside the Hip-Hop culture, some musicians spare some time to make some funny songs outside their repertoire. Have you ever made anything just for the sake of fun and showed it only to a couple of friends?

-> I never noticed the dissing culture in electronic music, maybe I was listening to the wrong music 🙂 I think that dissing is good only in rap culture, and electronic music should give a good rhythm and dancing, people are going to relax and dance for this!
And if you take funny songs, then these are those songs in which there are some interesting phrases from meme videos or something like what people remembered smiled and fell into a hole before a good drop! I have a couple of funny sketches but I’m not ready to finish them yet :))


Interview by Vidas Stanynas