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Tapes to go

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Gael Gael – Murder In The West

[Tapes To Go #011]

Gael Gael


“Gloomy and frightening, that’s how I imagine this piece. I won’t analyze it the same way as I always do, but I will tell you the story that I’ve heard while I was listening to it.
The detective comes to the crime scene, his every step resonates, he sees the girl’s body, nauseating doubt, and bittersweet tension overwhelm him. There are swarms of thoughts running through his head, he cannot concentrate on the prevailing chaos caused by the killer.
The screeching noise that is dormant in this ungodly space – intoxicates ones mind, prevents a man from thinking straight, from seeing the important details, but only becoming a part of that noise, no matter how disorienting it is, can help to unravel the gruesome details of this heinous crime.
Once isolated from the flashing lights of the police beacons, never-ending roaming of the police officers, the cries of frightened people, and their incoherent stories, he finally begins to see everything through the eyes of the unrighteous. Suddenly that noise merges with the grim environment, another melody begins to dominate, the vague, but endlessly soothing, it becomes a solace to his ears and without any encouragement, lends a hand in putting the missing pieces of the puzzle together.
Suddenly, everything is shed in a new light. A woman’s voice becomes apparent, a simple echo from the past, a helping hand relentlessly pointing a finger at what is critical.
Every vibration is a clue, a translucent path that must be followed and it must be done without any hesitation, even if it might lead him to a dead-end…
We are all interested in secrets, inexplicable things, unexplored riddles, fantastic worlds beyond our comprehension. Curiosity makes people unique, if something catches our attention, as it is in this case, we don’t stop halfway. We explore and if we find it even remotely interesting, we get engaged. I think that this piece has achieved just that, although the ending is surrounded by a cloak of ignorance, the fulfillment is firm and unconditionally specific.”- Quixotical Music psychoanalyst Vidas Stanynas.🐌🐌🐌

Gael Juarez Aka Gael Gael (@gaelgaelmusic) is a producer and DJ based in the city of Puebla, Mexico.
Gael has signed releases in the labels such as ESTHÉTIQUE, Feinstoff, Belly Dance Services and most recently debuting on the label Nothing is Real in the Third NIR VA ‘MADE IN MEXICO’, with a hypnotic and emotive track entitled ‘Avant Garden’ featuring the talented Montessori, as well as delivering mixtapes for European radio.

Quixotical – Bass Like Christmas 

[Tapes To Go #010]

Quixotical_bass like christmas


What is it? – Christmas gift from Quixotical Team
Have we been high while baking it? – probably yes
Will you get high while playing it? – probably not
Is it free? – of course! follow the link

Quixotical team; Aurum Miles (@aurummiles), Poulper (@poulper), and In-Link (@in-link) connected the forces and prepared a special Christmas gift this year. We are very grateful for your support! Much more is coming in 2022. Stay tuned folks!

Yanacone – Sons Of The House 

[Tapes To Go #009]



Yanacone shoots and delivers with interesting choices in this peculiar record. From a sedative like synths to sharp noises. It’s a blend of very carefully crafted drum pieces, smooth and soft, I’m not talking about the main drum beat (even though the kick itself has this cozy and silky sense), these characteristics apply more to transitions and supporting beats. And this leads to an ambient feeling, that follows you through the whole track. But that’s only one side of the story. Despite being calm, it has a tendency to keep you on your toes, with a high note sound that appears early, but not instantly, and a few different melodies with a help of percussion that gives you an impression of a tempo change. These are the tricks to keep you engaged. Some sounds on this track are like Waldo, they want you to search for them, the others are more accessible and that’s what I call
artistry. This is the reason why tracks like this one are more interesting than anything else out there, it has that scent of mystery and thrill, it doesn’t show it’s hand right away. And art should always be about discovery, you never know what you might find…” – Quixotical Music psychoanalyst Vidas Stanynas.🐌🐌🐌

Yanacone is an electronic music artist and producer from Bahia Blanca, a city located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. He’s been producing music since 2010, always following his great passion for music.
He has developed a diverse style with powerful and mystic sound patterns. On his sets, we can also find melodic structures, ups and downs, diverse dynamics with an obscure but enlightening style.
He believes that there is great power in electronic music that contributes to bringing light to some aspects of human emotions and spiritual awareness.

In his early twenties, he joined other musicians to work on a new sound, creating his first electronic project called SoundBunker. The best soon arrived when he discovered as well the “Sequencers DAWS” software and virtual instruments which were a great motivation and spent all his time in the studio, experimenting and deepending; both self-taught and courses related to sound production online and private classes available on his city.
In 2020/ 2021 he launched Eps and sigles, signing in companies such as Mothr Music (Argentina), Music4aliens (Italy), Music4clubbers, Dark Groove (Chile), Subios Record (germany), Anarkick Records (Amsterdam), Attack Records, Neu Gravity (Estambul) and Archon records (San Francisco).

Vicky Montefusco – Solar 

[Tapes To Go #008]

Vicky Montefusco - Solar


“The connection between a man and nature, the respect that one has for another, was and still is admirable. It all comes down to the elements of spirituality. Nowadays we just need to be thankful for the legacies that our ancestors have left us. And that leads me to the song at hand, which includes some elements that are strongly used in the Native American culture, it is refreshing to hear the mix of electronics and some more sacred aspects of a such interesting civilization, not to mention a subtle, but well-placed blackness in the track.
If I had to describe it in a few words, I would just simply call it a meditating experience. As a dance song, it has that ambient feeling, it works in a strange but pleasant way.
Whether you chose to dance to it or just lie down and sink it all in, either way, the beautiful melodies will escort you to the unforgettable interstellar odyssey.” – Quixotical Music psychoanalyst Vidas Stanynas.🐌🐌🐌

Vicky Montefusco is an italian dj/producer since the end of the 90’s.Playing to the first private parties ones organizes with the friends has begun to construct his base.Always fascinated by the lifestyle and music of the 80’s,in fact his sets and realeses are always characterized by indie/techno grooves with the addition of synthesizers always as the classic “Moog”.Having started almost as child to spin the vinyl,he has an excellent technique and to have gigs in a different countries.,Vicky has is first step to label when is signed to ISL recordings(International sound laboratory) of Jesper Dalhback them Items & Things of Magda,Troy Pierce and Marc Houle,Clouded Vision of Matt Walsh.,his solo EP on Vinyl on Dusk & Waves,and forthcoming on Internasjonal label of Prins Thomas.Vicky’s track are steadily played and supported from artist like:Maceo Plex,Troy Pierce,Ivan Smagghe,Jesper Dahlback,Man Power,Coyu,Curses and more…

Mverto Futura – No Le Pares

[Tapes To Go #007]

Mverto Futura - No Le Pares_Quixotical


About this Mverto Futura track we can all agree on one thing… This is not what we expected at all. It goes straight from the Fast & Furious to a little bit more altered version of the franchise where cars are being abducted by aliens. This could easily be a soundtrack or an idea for the next installment in the series. Or as a matter of a fact – BOTH.
As we all know, when it comes to fast cars and spinning wheels, the road is a never-ending canvas, it is expandable.
And the imagination is limitless. Superb track prepared, packed, and ready for you!🐌🐌🐌

Mverto Futura is a young producer and DIY multi-instrumentalist. MDMA features warped vocals, hints of post-modern acid and Latin electro as well as techno and EBM influences. Rich organic basslines, slick guitar riffs, and a solid yet understated kick make this an ideal peak-time track that’s sure to not only light up dancefloors whenever it’s played.


[Tapes To Go #006]

Amselmoor_TTG 006


We are very welcome our new member to Quixotical family very perspective and talented person from BerlinAmselmoor. Djing around 5 years but being fresh blood in music production already grabbed the ox by the horns – analog gears and building the modular system. First production debuts on Latido & Serafin Audio imprint and now he is entering the Tapes To Go series in Quixotical Records.
Track “Tricoder” is strict and beautifully designed with quite minimal sounds and atmospheric pads just right in time. Bass takes the main role and does not disappoint. Dark and mystery track ready to be added to your playlists!🐌🐌🐌

Amselmoor is Sebastian Selm, a name that’s built from two German words “Amsel” which means: Blackbird and “Moor” which refers to an uncultivated land. A dark sound blended with dry natural/organic elements. Amselmoor is a Berlin-based producer who draws inspirations from a range of styles such as old school Techno, New German Wave and 90’s House. He crafts his sound using analog synthesizers, field recording from his travels, layering multiple textures suffusing his sound with
unique frequencies. This vast musical and cultural foundation it comes from Amselmoor’s interest in nature, anthropology and history.

H – Happy Song

[Tapes To Go #005]

H_Happy Song


Great happiness visited Quixotical Records! And we decided to share 4:35 min of happiness with everybody around…!
The culprits of this are duo from Mexico -H- (Oswaldo a Pichardo and Karla García). During these gruesome and great sadness times, they blew in some positive vibes to remind everyone that happiness has not disappeared anywhere.
They produced a track “Happy Song” which has everything inside that really will make you happy: sexy vocal timbre, percussive vibe, vocoder, violin part, a little bit taste of 90’s lead synth, solid bass. In other words, an unexpected but perfect cocktail mixed with the best ingredients you can find.
And the cherry on the cake – we are giving it for free! We could not be happier than making you happy!
Limited download, so don’t miss it! Check the links below and grab it while happiness is still here.

-H- is an original project from Oswaldo to Pichardo and Karla García.

-H- mixes different sounds and structures of different genres, always taking electronic music as the central axis.

The idea is to mix from synthesis with instruments and analog sounds of guitars, drums, violin, bass, and percussion. Influenced by the sounds of Techno / French touch / Funk and Latin Rhythms, mainly.

UMVRAL- Perséfone

[Tapes To Go #004]

Tapes to go #004


4th track for “Tapes To Go” series brings The Queen of the Underworld – “Perséfone” to our sweet Quixotical home. And the culprit of this occasion is a producer from Mexico City – Umvral. Amazing track produced by Umvral is a top-notch banger without doubts. From the beginning of the track, you can already feel that something incredible is coming up. A strict synthesizer and sharp percussion lead you straight to the point. With a guitar and strings in the background, this track quickly introduces the main lead melody that is simple but an absolutely “not wearing out” hook. The mystical but intense atmosphere is maintained throughout the whole track.
Download it for free and invite the Greek goddess to your party!

Umvral is Samuel Addi de la Cruz, Born in the 90’s in Mexico City where he has stood out as one of the new emerging DJs and producers. Always passionate about music, he has invested much of his time fueling this passion by collecting different types of rhythms, frequencies, and sounds, from the most underground and eccentric, to the most mainstream. Being part of Controlla – Dj & Producer.
Also, he currently works as A&R for Veneno, where he is in charge of signing new music and detecting emerging talents.

Globemaster & Corresponsal – Emerson 116

[Tapes To Go #003]

Tapes to go #003


3rd track “EMERSON 116” for “Tapes to Go” series is coming from two amigos of Maleante RecordsGlobemaster and Corresponsal. “EMERSON 116” is a penthouse in Mexico City where these guys spend a few days while playing gigs all around the city and having moments with their old friends. Flashbacks of a great time inspired Globemaster and Corresponsal to recreate amazing memories into musical form.

The beginning of the track is taut but secured. Rising slowly with a straight beat part, heart-type pumping bass, and main synth theme colored with subtle and intangible fxs. Latin dance percussions come at the peak and continue till the end impacting the vibe in a very positive way. The whole groove and emotion of the track definitely will transfer you to “EMERSON 116” penthouse to feel the moment that lasts till now.

Globemaster is a Mexican sound engineer and producer born in Torreón, co-founder of Próximo, and part of teamwork of Maleante Records.
His influences are rock, some post-punk, and rave music, which leads him up to techno, psychedelic, and indie dance mixed sounds.

Corresponsal is DJ and producer from Torreón North Mexico, co-founder of Maleante Records, and part of the Próximo team.
Influenced by rock, techno, and Latin dance ….always indie and dance floor enthusiast.


[Tapes To Go #002]

Favio Inker


Sexy kick, charming bass, and erotic synths…it means only one thing – “A Lo Simple”: a gift by  Favio Inker, a track created specially for Quixotical “Tapes To Go” series and ready to be downloaded for free and loved by you! Nothing turns so well on the dance floor as a groove of pumping bass with insanely detailed rhythm and melodic synths with a cherry on the cake – mysterious vocal phrase.
Favio definitely knows how to make a banger, for the dark dance floor, that will attract people’s attention and gather everybody around to feel the vibe of never-ending night.

Favio Inker is a Dj/Producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His sound is influenced by Indie Dance, Dark Disco and Techno.
He has already released music on labels such as Emerald and Doreen Records, Logia Records. At the moment he is working on the new remixes that will be released very soon.

Poulper, Renuna, Cu Da Curuxa – Discusión

[Tapes To Go #001]

Tapes to go #001


Here is the first Quixotical “Tapes To Go” track, prepared by Admiral of Quixotical Records – Poulper and Logia Records members – Renuna and Cu da Curuxa.

“Discusión” is a groovy, full of cosmic synth vibes track, colored with straight and dehumanized voices. Simple but infused bass part plays perfectly with the rhythm section and starts the urge to move and conquer the dance floor.

Poulper – Founder of Quixotical Records, DJ, Producer & Event Planner from Buenos Aires, being part of Playground Records since the beginning. He is producing & releasing cycles such as Métrica, Estambul, and concepts such as Syntoma and RARO.
Moving in the local scene and different cities of the country.
Currently recordings sessions and producing a lot of music about to be released soon.

Renuna is an electronic music duo formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Cali Burton and Tots.
It started as music lessons on 2018, while they found unique chemistry which led to conform to this duo,
where Cali Burton is the technical and musical side and Tots adds the dancefloor sounds.
Focused mostly on production, but also playing on underground parties, they decided to create their own label
LOGIA Records in 2019.
Cali Burton had already managed to release his own tracks on Emerald & Doreen and Veneno MX.

Manuel Petrarca aka. Cu da Curuxa – Dj and rising Producer, Member of Logia Records. The project Cu da Curuxa was started in 2019 in Buenos Aires, in the heart of the deep underground scene. Manuel is always looking for groovy basses and dark spaces. And there is no doubt he is going to surprise us and the whole dance music scene with his production in the near future!