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Celestino "Relentless Machine" EP

Out: March 25, 2021
Celestino EP

Quixotical Records brings out to the light amazing release by “a dinosaur playing music for love since 1992”Celestino “Relentless Machine” EP.
The release starts with the title track “Relentless Machine” original mix. This track was born for the dance floor with catchy grooves and well-fronted drums, nonstop synths, and oscillators. Space landscapes going through the acid capturing the essence of several dark machines.

BADWOLF from Mexico converts The Relentless Machine into a gloomy version remix. Techno and heavy side vibes quickly take you through a stellar passageway into a no-stop dancing space.

We continue to present The Relentless Machine with this remix of another great Mexican artist from TampicoDIAZ TECH. Extensive, boogie, and fun version with the house and tech nuances taking us to the dance orbit from a cheerful side, many colors, and changing synthesizers to diversify this track.

From Argentina last but not the least remix by LUCARE. Indie disco version and a lot of grooves keeping the essence, throwing a fat bass and arpeggiating the sequence almost like in a comic and acid movie, hybrid sounds and crazy oscillators that take you on a delightful journey.