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PREMIERE: Andreja Salpe X Veselinov – Egypt Disko (Original Mix) [Quixotical Records]

PREMIERE: Andreja Salpe X Veselinov - Egypt Disko (Original Mix)

Egypt Disko artwork_Quixotical
Out: 25th September, 2021

Andreja Salpe X Veselinov “Egypt Disko” EP 

The release starts with the title track “Egypt Disko”. It does start off as a straight forward techno track with only one destination in mind, even though it’s not entirely techno per say, first impressions might often be misleading. Therefore, this to be one of those stand-off tracks between very well-known iconic characters. But the essence of the track takes you to the night and that night takes you on a journey to outer space, puts you in a trance. It doesn’t always keep you in this state, it has a tendency to pull you in and then push you out. Have to mention that the name of this tune is not random and you can feel that throughout the whole track/EP. In this case, the sounds defined the name of this track (and the whole EP), not the other way around, even though sometimes the title comes first.

Label: Quixotical Records 
Artist: Andreja Salpe X Veselinov 
Track: Egypt Disko (Original Mix)
Album: “Egypt Disko”
Release date: 25th September, 2021