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PREMIERE: LFB – Synesthesia (Noctlux Remix) [Bonkers]

PREMIERE: LFB - Synesthesia (Noctlux Remix) [Bonkers]

LFB - Synesthesia (Noctlux Remix
Out: 14th June 2021

 “Elements” EP

One of the projects of the Mexican producer Luis Fernando Hernández, head of the Bonkers label, entitled LFB, comes to an end. From the distant EP “Elements” on Borderless Project three years ago, to Illegal Alien’s Myths and Legends and multiple original mixes and remixes on Bonkers, LFB is ready to lower the curtain. And as each cycle has its closure, which brings new possibilities, the end of LFB comes with a celebration: one of its most representative tracks, Synesthesia, is wrapped in a beautiful Remix Package in which Mexican talents are in charge of interpreting the original track “Synesthesia”.

We present Elliot Salazar Herrera, originally from the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico, better known as NoctLux, dj and producer focused on genres such as Indie Dance, EBM and Techno, organizer at Hedonist Collective and resident of TALLER headquarters, presents its mix Stoned Jam!!

Artist: LFB

Track: Synesthesia

Remixer: NoctLux

Label: Bonkers 

Release: “Synesthesia” Ep

Date: 14th June 2021