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Quixotical Mix #004 by Diskontrol

“It’s getting dark, too dark to see…” BUT not too dark to DANCE! Music taste of Diskontrol and his freshly recorded mix perfectly fits into Quixotical Mix series with percussive dark disco flavor and mystic vibes that make bodies aching from pleasure. Co-founder of the Maleante Records, baked a strong mix and pampers our ears with all the music gems included in this set.

Diskontrol is the pseudonym of the music producer and the alter ego of Fernando Sifuentes Dj / Producer from the city of Torreón, Coahuila Mexico. His style is a mix of Disco music, Nu Disco, even Techno with dark touches but never losing the percussive taste that characterizes it. Currently a member of the SunnySunday project and co-founder of the Mexican label Maleante Records.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. What prompted you to play electronic music and how did you start with the production?
-> Since I was a kid I started to get involved in music, playing string instruments and some percussions that I had at home, and around 2010 I had the opportunity to listen to the projects of some friends who mixed the style of music from the 80s with more aggressive basses. and sounds with very crazy synthesizers and all that monopolized my attention and that was how I began to get into the field of production and play music at parties that invited me.
->Desde chico comencé a involucrarme en la música, tocando instrumentos de cuerda y algunas percusiones que tenía en casa , y por ahí del 2010 tuve la oportunidad de escuchar los proyectos de algunos amigos que mezclaban el estilo de la música de los 80s con bajos más agresivos y sonidos con sintetizadores muy locos y todo eso acaparo mi atención y fue como me empecé a meter en el campo de la producción y a poner música en fiestas que me invitaban .

2. How Maleante Records was born?
-> The Maleante Records label was born from the need to promote all these emerging projects and spread the music through our digital platforms.
->El sello Maleante Records nace de la necesidad de impulsar todos esos proyectos emergentes y difundir la música a través de nuestras plataformas digitales.

3. Tell us a funny or great moment that you lived in a show….
-> Each show is something new and unique but from what I remember too many things have happened hahaha, from watching a fight on the dancefloor in full show to people who chant “Diskontrol” as if they were cheering for their favorite soccer team and that feels good.
->Cada presentación es algo nuevo y único pero de lo que recuerdo han pasado demasiadas cosas jajaja, desde ver una pelea en el dancefloor en pleno show hasta gente que corea “Diskontrol” como si estuvieran alentando a su equipo favorito de fútbol y eso se siente bien.

4. What sounds influenced a lot and blew your mind so much that today they are still valid ???
-> The psychedelic rock and the sound of the music of the 80s are the influences that drive Diskontrol and in the productions you can notice that sensation of distorted guitars with the fusion of percussion of some themes of disco music.
->El rock psicodélico y el sonido de la música de los 80s son las influencias que impulsan a Diskontrol y en las producciones se puede notar esa sensación de guitarras distorsionadas con la fusión de percusiones de algunos temas de la música disco.

5. What are you currently working on and how do you prepare for 2021?
-> I am currently working on some remixes for several friends in the country, also collaborations and original songs that you will be able to listen to in the rest of the year and an EP for mid-2021.
->Actualmente estoy trabajando en algunos remixes para varios amigos del país, también colaboraciones y temas originales que podrán escuchar en lo que resta del año y un EP para mediados de 2021 .