Quixotical Mix #005 by Ludviq

The 5th podcast for Quixotical Mix series belongs to Ludviq. Dark dance music dj/producer and boss of the Bonkers label prepared a deep and very exciting mix with a dark, dense and viscous tracks for the one hour journey to the psychedelic world. Emotions and strong feelings will follow you during the time of this journey. Turn on the mix, and forget everything around. It is time to experience the dark!

Ludviq is the new project of Luis Fernando, born in Guadalajara, MX.
Dj & producer of techno music since 2016, with influences like psychedelic, indie, breaks, techno and Nu Disco.
Founder of the Mexican electronic label Bonkers, and co-founder of Rosex MX which is an inclusive party based in Guadalajara.

Releases on: Esthetique, Bonkers, Veneno, Emerald & Doreen.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. Tell us, who is standing behind the Ludviq project? Do you have any more active music projects at the moment?
-> Ludviq is my recent project and is just me, also I have LFB, this is my first musical project.

2. It is not a secret that you use to be a skater back in a day. Do you feel the same passion in the music studio and adrenaline rush when you play your music in front of the crowd, as you felt while you were surfing the ramps with your skateboard?
-> It is quite a different feeling, it is true that for both I have a big passion. The big difference here is that when I´m playing music for crowds I feel a big connection with the people, and this never makes me nervous – the opposite it makes me feel safe and focus better on what I´m doing; In skating is more a connection with yourself, it is just you and the skateboard, it helps me to clear my mind and it is nice to have it like a sport.
Music is the number 1 of course, the one that makes me happy, combine both it helps to have more creativity, somedays I have a lack of creativity and then I just grab my skateboard and go for a ride, then come back after a few hours and it helps to focus more when I´m back at the studio.

3. Have you ever tried to perform a skateboard trick while you were playing on the stage? 
-> hahahahaha. No never, when I´m playing I just pay attention to the crowd and to my music.

4. Do you have any tracks that you love a lot and want to play in the show but you can’t? Does not necessarily need to be your own tracks, maybe different genres that you listen a lot. Do you put yourself in a frame in terms of your music?
-> Actually I don´t. The music I buy or promos I receive is the music I always play, also when I create a different track of what I usually make, I like to test it on the crowd how people will react to this music. It is just experimentation.
I like to follow the line of what I´m playing, but always trying to be different that´s why I love experimenting new stuff.

5. Bonkers. Does this name have any significant meaning or a story behind it?
-> Bonkers is the name of my record label, this baby has 2 years old and yeah it has a story before it was a record label.
Like 7 years ago it was a skateboarding brand, before discovering the amazing world of music I was focused more on the skateboard scene. When I was studying marketing I start with the skate brand and it went pretty well, it was a local but famous brand, most of the skaters in the city want a bonkers skateboard.
As time went by, I started to get more involved in the electronic scene, I started organizing parties in my hometown of Guadalajara and they were always under the name of Bonkers. Little by little I was replacing skateboarding with music and as soon as I decided to make the label, I had to remake my logo and the entire image of the brand.

6. Any news for the end of this year and any plans for the new year?

->Just a few gigs in some cities in México. I don´t have plans yet for new years eve, but I would love to go to the beach hahaha