Quixotical Mix #011 by CSK

After the amazing track “Optical” that was featured in the first our V.A release, CSK returns to Quixitocial with a strong and intensive mix for Quixotical podcast series. A real vinyl lover and true professional veteran of DJ-craft ship recorded a special 1-hour mix including dark and vibrant tracks. The whole mix will not let you lose the dance in your head and will keep you conscious asking for more and more.

Born in 1969, Cisky starts to mix on vinyl in 1987 in the neighborhood of Parma Italy.
genre : techno from Germany and garage from Usa + house of sound of Chicago. He has worked in the best locations as Egizia / Babayaga / Cocorico’ / Cenerentola (90,91) In 91 his first production from Mce studio ( S.Ilario -re) whit Frank K & Ivan Iacobucci. Teletype feat Cisky – Gimme some soul / Cisky feat Varial Sequence time. From 92 to 94 – resident in the best north Italian club named Epsylon With dj Gambarelli and B. Benassi. Here he meets g bavutti & giusy consoli from folies de pigalle, for some guest cooperation. In summer 1994 produces the first hit single on who’s di selecta label Cisky “the party”, intro for many important djs and clubs in the world.
In 95 other Cisky prods as “the voice” or “free” entered the best club & underground radio charts (r.deejay / r. Italia network) and European shop charts.
Now he has founded his new label called CSK Recordings
Whit new emergent artists like paolo soncini or giordani. And prints with Rise, Molto recordings/sound division , division , network . works resident in
the CSK (label) night at corte del sol – Pr – Italy.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. Djing was the first your step in music scene. But after few years of djing you started producing. what factors led to your interest in producing electronic music?

-> Hello, friends. I started at 16 seeing other dj friends at the disco. was in the middle of the 80s. but with the evolution of late 80s dance into house music and techno I was fascinated by how it was produced with computers and analog instruments, and even not having studied music, I wanted to say something to keep it written on vinyl.

2. Your music career both as Dj and as Producer lasts for years. We can say you are a veteran in electronic music scene. You are in the electronic music scene since 1987. Probably you have vitnesed the changes of this scene in Italy? How this scene changed through the years in your eyes?

-> Yes. I’ve been listening and clubbing forever, so I watched the changes. I don’t have a career as everything I do is just a passion and it’s not for money. but I never remain faithful to a single house music genre. electronics evolve continuously. those who do it for business, at some point, are almost forced to remain faithful to that genre due to the votes of the public and the business contacts that support it. Music made for money is not for me. Clearly it is right that the dj is paid for what he does, but I mean a career in politics or as in football it is not for me.

3. Vinyls are that powerfull tool that you started your dj career with. Where this passion for vinyls came from? Can you mention your present top 5 vinyls from the current music scene?

-> Exactly! I love vinyls. now I can’t find some old vinyls anymore and I look for them desperately. I buy some new ones but mostly many old ones. I am a collector. my tastes are constantly changing. right now I tell you some of the most important titles
1 – Logic System – Logic LP
2 – Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid
3 – LFO – LFO
4 – Giorgio – From Here To Eternity
5 – B.U.K. – So Good

4. What we should expect from CSK in the rest of 2021?

-> I still don’t know what to do. this pandemic maybe really so dangerous or maybe doped by projects that are beyond our understanding and that limit our freedoms, has greatly reduced my desire to produce music for now. but I dedicate myself to some remixes and wait for the evolutions.

5. Most of the artist in music scene are suffering at the moment. Do you have any positive message to share during this difficult times of pandemic?
-> My message for those like me who love to express themselves with music is simply “do what you want to do .. if you want to rock, rock. if you want to get lost, get lost in the sound. do something and throw it out. but don’t expect a very wild audience at the moment