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Quixotical Mix #012 by VELAX

Quixotical Mix #012 guest was born in a cold Russian city and his first acquaintance with electronic music began at the age of 16. Over the years, he experimented under various names until he found himself in alternative electronic music, that led to the creation of the project called Velax.
Today he serves a very tasty podcast mix on the dinner table. Now it is the time to taste it by yourself.. just please do not overeat. Because you want to repeat again and again. Very addictive mix by Velax and a very interesting interview as well. Check it out and learn some really surprising facts about this talented and fast-growing producer – Velax.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. How did you came up with the name Velax? It sounds like an old school sci-fi villain or a transformer.
Don’t you think?

-> Exactly, it reminds of the sky-fi culture, but in fact, three years ago when I came up with it, played with the letters of my name – Alex (elax) and added one letter “V” and so was born “Velax”, after that when I formed my sound, I saw the reflection of this culture in my pseudonym.

2. We couldn’t help but notice, that there are space and computer themes present, either on your covers or in the songs themselves.
Can you say that these two things are inseparable from your music and maybe you draw inspiration from them?

-> Yes, this is an integral part of me and my music. I really love science fiction films that link space, technology and robots. I take my inspiration from similar films, as well as the music that was created for these films. Therefore, you may notice a different mood in my tracks, it may be a lonely robot replicant who would like to experience empathy or it may be a beautiful space flight to a distant galaxy.

3. People can often tell a lot about the artist from their music, performances, the way they interact, and what not. Some things are very obvious…
But can you tell us something about yourself that no one could have guessed?

-> My music often changes its mood, because it conveys the real me. In real life, my mood is not always stable enough, especially during a pandemic, so you hear this reflection in my music. Also there is a fun fact, my eye color depends on my mood. Green – when I’m angry, blue – when kind and gray – when neutral, so it can be difficult to tell my eye color haha.

4. Last but not least. Do you think it is necessary to stick to one genre in music in order to preserve it?
Do you think it is possible for a style or genre to go extinct?

-> We live in an amazing time when many styles of electronic music are reborn again. Personally, I am a supporter of taking cult synth parts and mixing them with modern sound, then we can get something even more interesting and show your respect to iconic producers. But at the same time, I try not to limit the sound of my tracks with any framework of a certain style. People love to nostalgic, so I think many styles of electronic music will live forever.

Interview by Vidas Stanynas