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Quixotical Mix #014 by Bojarchük

Number 014 in Quixotical podcast series belongs to our new Quixotical member Bojarchük from Vilnius. His debut EP will be out on August 13th, meanwhile, let’s meet him and get to know him more closely. The mix he recorded just gives off heavy 80’s horror movie vibes, and I’m specifically talking about the slasher ones. While being so unnerving, I can’t imagine standing in a crowd, knowing that there are people behind me. I would probably be somewhere in the back, right next to the exit, because of the specific sounds chosen for the songs, that literally, every time give you a small heart attack when you hear them. This gentleman right here knows how to implement dark when the dark is necessary. And especially those times when it’s completely unnecessary, but essential for design.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. Dead bodies, death is nothing new, cutting them is a piece of cake, your heart is cold as ice, no wonder you’re into dark disco. No questions there, I’m just gonna paint you a picture now.
Imagine a pacient, he comes in, he’s sick, tells you his symptoms and probably his life story all together. You, as a true professional quickly figure out it might be a prostate cancer or simply 4th stage hemaroids. You tell him that you’re gonna run some tests and everything will be clear in no time. Then with a reasonable amount of concern, you turn to him and say – “We have another problem at hand, just listen to this” (PLaying your music set for tonights performance, expecting an honest opinion). Is this situation possible?

-> Wow, I did not expect questions related to medicine straight away! Anyway, I think it is always possible knowing how much music and being an artist means to me, haha, especially if I’m treating another artist that I know and follow, it is even more likely…

2. You don’t really have a nickname. As we noticed you use your last name. That is understandable, considering that the name Dr. Evil is already taken. Have you ever came up with something familiar? Maybe something funny, weird, unusual? But you just had to stick with your last name, because it would simply be too much to handle for others. You do think about others, you care, for God’s sakes, soon you’re going to be a doctor. You have to!

-> I’ve always run into difficulties when I had to think of a proper stage name, everything seemed too funny. Although my current name has connections to Germany, where I started my electronic music creation journey. My friends some time ago used to call me Dr. “Things”, but I shouldn’t be telling a full story behind that one.

3. Classical music, deep into it. Hope you’re not that deep into the medical practices of the 18th century. We understand that classical music is the mother of all, if you will, in a way. Tell us why you’re so hooked on it? Hope you’re not Hanibal Lecter 2.0.
He was also hooked on it…

-> Well, that is a sign that I should change my bio in Soundcloud. I do love classical music, don’t get me wrong, I love the opera house, orchestra and etc., it has a lot to do with my first days in music, I have finished Balys Dvarionas musical school in Vilnius, I’ve spent 9 years there and even had ideas of studying music, I think the school has shaped me in many ways. That’s quite a deep foundation, but I do love a lot of music genres, although I spend most of my time listening to electronic music nowadays.

4. In your music, do you leave any eastern eggs? Clues maybe, that you’re a doctor? Or do you prefer to keep your DJ persona separated from your doctor persona?

-> I think life of a doctor and life of an artist are as far as they can be and as different as they can be. One is messy, unstable, chaotic, it does not fit into any frames, the other however brings backorder, rules, certain behavior, and ethics, I keep them separated, but I need them both to keep me running.

5. Radio in Lithuania? Lacks diversity? What do you think about our audiences, do you think they need remodeling?
Pop music is dominating the industry, it’s no surprise and it’s not a bad thing as along as it offers quality, value and fresh ideas. Do you think that maybe in Lithuania this genre is overused and people simply cannot distinguish the good from the bad?
We have to keep in mind that the elements of pop music are scattered along with all sorts of genres. And there’s no escaping it.
Please, spill your guts on this one!

-> If we are talking about an actual radio, the only one I truly listen to and respect is Lrt Opus, it offers diversity in music genres, and promotes young artists. I do know a few internet radios, Vilnius Radio for e.g. has recently come into broad light and I think offers a great spectrum of electronic music. I am not sure about our audiences, I think our market overall is quite small, we don’t have much choice, our audiences form naturally and I think the situation and our electronic music scene is as good as it can be, just look at those festivals. The quality of the artists and music being played there is a different question though.

Interview by Vidas Stanynas