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Quixotical Mix #017 by HIHATDANCER

“It is alllllllll about the dance”!!! – shouts out loud RocΓ­o Cusmano also known as π‘―π’Šπ‘―π’‚π’•π‘«π’‚π’π’„π’†π’“. Content head of π™³πšŠπš—πš£π™΅πš•πš˜πš˜πš› music channel, music journalist, and music lover from Buenos Aires is our first guest on the 2022 Quixotical Mix series. π‘―π’Šπ‘―π’‚π’•π‘«π’‚π’π’„π’†π’“ mixes styles of Indie Dance to sounds with Deep, Melodic, and even Afro. Tune in and check out what special mix she has recorded for opening the Quixotical Mix series 2022! 🐌🐌🐌


1. JEPE – Tribal Constellation [Moodmusic]
2. Butch – Nowhere [Watergate Records]
3. Daniel Monaco & Sauvage World – Paninari On Acid (Niv Ast Remix) [Roam Recordings]
4. Gionist & Turgi – Konnakol [New Day Everyday]
5. Moozeic – Unacknowledge (YellowTeeth Remix) [Neurokat Records]
6. Daddy Squad – My Magic Number [AAA BATTERY]
7. Barnt – Cherry Red [Magazine]
8. ID- Cosmosolar (Unreleased) [Nein Records]
9. Biesmans – Trains, Plains and Automobiles (Fideles Remix) [Watergate Records]
10. Mala Ika – Tamz Mit Loulou [Weirdos Records]
11. Biesmans & Vandesande – Satellite Beach [TAU]
12. New Hook – Sexergy [Ombra International]
13. Euripides – The Dreamers [Kompact]