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Quixotical Mix #021 by Spaceman’s Jukebox

Spaceman’s Jukebox joins Quixotical Mix show with the special podcast number #021. Eclectic, smooth, dark, and very enjoyable mix for everyone’s taste and dark and emotional dancefloors lovers.

To get to know more about our new family member we asked him to answer a few interview questions. Please welcome Spaceman’s Jukebox!

1. Beyond the realms of electronic music, what styles do you prefer to listen to, personally?

-> I am a person that likes to enjoy all kinds of music. Of Course electronic music definitely consumed me, but in different parts of my life I’ve listened to Hip-hop, Indie-rock, and classic music, and lot’s of others actually.

2. Do you have any plans to expand your playfield? You mentioned in your bio, that you like to experiment with a specific type of music. Would you say, that maybe you have a target for something other than your usual cup of tea?

-> Experimenting, combining styles of modern electronic music and keeping searching for something that produces the same reaction in your brain, while you listen to it. I mean when you truly enjoy the landscape of sounds and want to repeat the track. I am in the process of studying Ableton at the moment, so we’ll see where it goes generally.

3. If you had to name one specific artist or a group, what would you say had the most influence in your work and why?

-> I was born in 1990 and the first audio cassette that I’ve got being a child was Prodigy – “Music for the jilted generation”, and at the first time the were no other cassettes except some creepy soviet-pop music, so I’ve listened to it all day long. That album and “The Fat of the land” later, I guess, transformed my mind and are responsible for what is happening in my current creativity in electronic music.

4. Every musician has their origins and those origins do not always transfer to the final product, their style becomes completely opposite to what they initially thought they were going to end up being. Did this sort of thing ever happened to you?

-> Actually my mentor in Ableton told me about this thing, that’s what happened to him actually. He began with trance and speedy techno and at the moment he listens and produces the chill and downtempo music. Life goes on and changes you, as well as your listening preferences, so I reckon that’s a normal process for every person. I’m not afraid if it happens to me, so we will see where it goes;)


Interview by Vidas Stanynas