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Quixotical Mix #025 by ZARATUSTRA

Zaratustra is a DJ/Producer based in Paris, evolving in the indie dance and dark disco genres. Also he is a new Quixotical family member bringing his tough and sexy, dark and mistery mix for Quixotical Mix series. Folks, please welcome Quixotical Mix #025 owner ZARATUSTRA!

To get to know more about our new family member we asked him to answer a few interview questions. 

1. As a DJ/Producer, which of these two do you enjoy the most? Maybe both equally? Please elaborate on that.

->I really enjoy both equally, but I find the two hardly comparable due to their very different nature. Production is a solitary pleasure: it’s about the « Eureka » moment of finding something that nobody has ever heard before. DJ-ing is about sharing your passion with the outside world, so it’s really a collective pleasure. I don’t conceive one without the other: when I produce, I always imagine myself playing the track in front of an audience; reciprocally, my producer’s ear helps me for the selection and mixing during sets.

2. What do you think is the greatest thing about making and performing your own songs to the public?

-> In my opinion, playing your own tracks and seeing a positive crowd reaction is truly the greatest thing you can experience in electronic music: seeing the audience smiling, dancing, etc. For me, it is a way to express myself and share my passion for music.

3. In your opinion, what is the best reward that an artist can get, for sharing his or her creation?

-> The biggest reward that an artist can get is to have a community that builds itself around his musical universe: the followers, the listeners, the audience, etc. It doesn’t have to be a massive community: the important is to have people that are interested in what you do, it’s like a family that gets bigger every day.

4. Maybe it’s a cliche question, but what instrument do you enjoy playing or recording the most?

-> The electric guitar. I myself am not a guitar player, but I often use plugins like Electric Vintage (Kontakt), or record guitarist friends in my tracks. I love rock music and rock sounds on electronic tracks. I have a few EPs coming in 2023 with the French label Skylax Records that are a tribute to 70s/80s music, with a lot of electric guitars and rock-like vocals. I hope you will like it!


Interview by Vidas Stanynas