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Quixotical Mix #008 by Marzian

Dj/Producer from Buenos Aires – Marzian  is joining Quixotical Mix series with Nr.008 podcast. He has recorded a beautiful dark disco-type mix full of deep and smooth vibes with a dusky atmosphere. Turn up the volume and take a listen. Don’t forget to check the short interview as well. Find out how Marzian project was born, his influences, and future plans.

Artist of @playgroundrecords and @lassi_international

Born in April 1991 and currently established in Buenos Aires, Marzian’s audiovisual project includes music, videos and photography.

As a DJ/producer, his work could be summarized in these three words: introspection, exploration and staging. Everything comes from within; it is projected and then reaches the audience. The mysterious energy surrounding the urban passages of contemporary life and its secrets is what leads Marzian’s art to get a wide picture of what we perceive in everyday conversations. Mother Nature whispers, but our eyes cannot understand such beauty.

Marzian goes beyond that limit and his songs are synchronized with nature. His music becomes part of that synthesized perception; this way his artwork cannot be categorized.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. How does Marzian start and what was the inspiring focus for your project?
(Como comienza marzian y cual fue el foco inspirador para ti projector?)

-> My current project arises as a result of different musical experiences that led to a new artistic direction. I had been producing music under a different artist name and at a certain point I started doing live improvisations with two more friends, and that was key to free myself from the ties with which I started making music. I was very obsessed with one type of sound and improvisation brought out the most visceral in me. When I met that creative side that I had, I did not return anymore, and thus I baptized what I call Marzian.
->Mi proyecto actual surge como resultado de diferentes experiencias en lo musical que derivaron en un nuevo rumbo artistico. Venia produciendo musica con otro nombre de artista y en cierto momento arranque a hacer improvisaciones de live con dos amigos mas, y eso fue clave para liberarme de las ataduras con las que empece a hacer musica. Estaba muy obsesionado con un tipo de sonido y la improvisacion saco lo mas visceral de mi. Cuando conoci ese lado creativo que tenia ya no volvi mas, y asi bautice a esto que llamo Marzian.

2. What elements are the key in your productions?
(Que elementos son claves e inflatables en tus producciones ?)

-> Perhaps something that characterizes my productions a lot is the intention of telling a story, of taking a sound journey. Later in other aspects it is more circumstantial, right now I am very comfortable with the percussion / percussion solo sampling.
->Quiza algo que caracteriza mucho mis producciones es la intencion de contar una historia, de llevar un viaje sonoro. Despues en otros aspectos es mas circunstancial, ahora mismo estoy muy a gusto con el sampleo de percusiones/solos de percusion.

3. Can you mention influences that impacted your life?
(Menciona influencias que marcaron tu vida)

-> The first artist that I heard and made me see electronic music in a different way was the wig aka Hernan Cattaneo, back in 2005/2006. It happened to me that I felt that the guy could build a story in the succession of themes and that captivated me, I liked it a lot. Long live wig.
->El primer artista que escuche y me hizo ver la musica electronica de otra manera fue el peluca aka Hernan Cattaneo, alla por el 2005/2006. Me paso que sentia que el tipo podia construir una historia en la sucesion de temas y eso me cautivo, me gusto mucho. Long live peluca.

4. What are you currently working on?
(En qué estáz trabajando actualmente? )

-> Right now I am finishing several jobs. Eps, podcasts and some individual tracks. But what I want to focus on for 2021 is a new album, which is going to be made up of different sounds, where I can open up a little more my sound world that I always try to be expanding.
->Ahora mismo estoy terminando varios laburos. Eps, podcasts y algunos tracks individuales. Pero en lo que quiero hacer foco para 2021 es en un nuevo album, el cual va a componerse de sonidos diferentes, en donde puedo abrir un poco mas mi mundo sonoro que siempre procuro este en expansion.

5. How do you imagine the panorama when the attendance at parties / festivals returns to normal?
(Como te imaginas el panorama cuando vuelva a la normalidad la concurrencia a las fiestas/festivales?)

-> I hope this renews us a bit. I see this general parate as the possibility of rethinking a lot of things, in all aspects of our life. I hope to see and be part of a change of course, more humane, for the times and conditions in which we operate. I think it is time to propose new things, since all this left us all in the same conditions, for my part I have many plans for the times to come, which include the consolidation of a collective of artists, cultural displays, and whatever the universe offers me.
->Espero que esto nos renueve un poco. Yo veo este parate general como la posiblidad de replantear un monton de cosas, en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida. Espero ver y ser participe de un cambio de rumbo, mas humano, para los tiempos y las condiciones en las cuales nos manejamos. Creo que es el momento para proponer cosas nuevas, ya que todo esto nos dejo en las mismas condiciones a todos, por mi parte tengo muchisimos planes para los tiempos que se vienen, que incluyen la consolidacion de un colectivo de artistas, despliegues culturales, y lo que me vaya ofreciendo el universo.