Quixotical Mix #015 by Vicky Montefusco

It is not X-mas yet but we are very happy as a 80s kid who found “Depeche Mode” vinyl under the X-mas tree! And the reason for this joy is a new guest for Quixotical Mix series. Ladies and gentelmen please meet – Vicky Montefusco. Italian dj/producer who is in love with “Moog”, vinyls, and indie/techno grooves.
Vicky prepared us one hour absolutely banging set including tracks from A SPLIT SECOND, DANIEL MONACO, ISRAEL PADILLA, CURSES, ALBERTO MELLONI, IDOLOS FUTUROS, DEPECHE MODE, SANTINI, BERNY, SOSANDLOW and Vicky himself. Enchanting tracks, dark vibe, amazing musical journey – Quixotical Mix #015 by Vicky Montefusco.

Thank you, for accepting the invitation to record a mix and answer some questions for our Quixotical Mix series!

1. Your image? The way that you present yourself, was it inspired by someone or maybe something? Maybe even Super Mario?
You can’t deny the resemblance… Do people joke about it? I mean, does it happen when strangers come up to you and throw some hilarious remarks about your looks or even ask if they can take a picture with you because you remind them of Mario?
Supposedly one of their favorite characters…

-> First of all, hello everyone.
It is true, from the profile photos of the various social networks this similarity appears, but it is something born so by chance, which rightly was pointed out to me later, but it absolutely does not concern Super Mario. I have had a mustache for almost 15 years and I like to treat it in various ways, in fact currently, in addition to wearing another pair of eyeglasses, the mustache is no longer twisted upwards but tends downwards like a Mexican style. And then as a teenager, there was a sort of struggle between “sega” and “nintendo” video games, and being a “sega” addicted I played much less super mario.

2. From Super Mario to more serious stuff.
Do you prefer using live instruments or is it samples that you rather tackle and twist to your own liking?
I was also wondering if you are using your own voice in the songs that you record? This brings me to another question, how much do you fancy performing stuff live? Playing a certain melody on a sampler/instrument per say or even singing your own parts (if that’s the case)?

-> I use both, but between the two, I definitely prefer to use live instruments. yes in some of my tracks from the past but also in some in the future that will come out I like to use my voice to sing or whisper something and modify it through my microkorg and other effects in a darker way. Regarding this situation in a live set, I am working on it together with my partner in the duo project called Son & Stepson. As a single artist, I still prefer DJ sets for the moment, being a lover of listening and a vinyl buyer.

3. Do you have a signature sound? Or a sound that you love so much that you can’t resist, but to include it into a several different tracks?
Of course, masquerading it as possible so people won’t be able to tell that it’s the same one.

-> No, I like to try to always insert new and particular sounds to my tracks, and not to use the same ones again, at the cost of staying for days and days on a single sound.

4. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your favourite tool on the stage, what kind of equipment do you use? What’s your favourite brand and why?

-> My favorite synth remains the Minimoog Voyager, which I don’t have yet but I hope to buy soon, slowly also because it has a very high cost, for me it contains the sound and the warmth of it of the legendary 80s. I have no favorite brands, it is the quality of the basic sound and modulations for me to make the difference. In fact, in my studio I have live instruments from various brands such as “native instruments”, “Korg”, “Roland” and recently I discovered the Italian IK Multimedia. Of course I do not disdain the use of VST, which with a good sound design work can produce a result almost similar to that of a live instrument.

5. Ok, the final question is as simple as they get. Tell us what you went through to get where you are right now.
Basically what I’m asking is – your origin story. Did you start with the dance music from the get-go or did you switch from another genre?

->As a teenager more than a raver or a clubber, I am always defined as a listener, since the first parties in the clubs I was often more interested in the DJ or the performer than in everything that surrounded the context, but still today it is so. I was very influenced by American house DJs who in the late 90’s and early 2000’s were often booked by promoters in my area. This groovy background of house music, I have tried to tie it over the years to my pop, or in this case favorite synth pop band, Depeche Mode. But I also like to listen to other things, the musical taste on the other hand is all a subjective thing.

Interview by Vidas Stanynas